The Small munsterlander breed

The Small Munsterlander


The Small Munsterlander Pointer is a long-haired versatile hunting dog.

We hunt mostly upland birds, however ours are trained for waterfowl, and rabbits too.

They have excellent noses and have a strong pointing instinct. Ours have found game that other breeds have miss.

They have a great love for retrieving and enthusiasm for water work, tenacity and voice (bark or bay when chasing furred game) on the track. The Small Munsterlanders elegance, intelligence, desire and devotion make them a wonderful hunting partner.

Not only a fantastic hunter, they are great house dogs. HOWEVER! Like all versatile breeds they need daily exercise and mental stimulation. If not they will drive you crazy. If you're creative, you can find plenty of places to let them free run. 

We always do some type of training after the run. We always have an e-collar on mine just incase though. Usually, all we use is the tone. Also, without the tone you may have to 15 to 20 minutes if they go on point. The Small Munsterlander are great home companions. They are either in one of our laps, next to us in my chair, or lying at our feet while watching TV. They are, for the most part easy to train, they have a tender spirit and need firm but gentle training. If you are a novice, or even a knowledgeable dog handler, we strongly recommend joining a NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) chapter. There you can get plenty of help, training activities, tips and tricks, and use of other resources.

Males/sires stand 20 1/2 - 22 inches at the withers; females/dams 19 3/4- 21 1/4 inches and the weight ranges between 38-62 lbs. The color of the breed is brown/white, brown/white with ticking or roan. We find the whiter the coat to be the softer, thus making it harder to clean after a days hunt. Our dogs have brown coats which seems to repel the seeds and stickers. We do field cut mine to trim down the their feathers, ears and tails.