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"The Terrys" story,


We got our first Munsterlander in 1997 quite by accident. My friend Gus had 3 pups left in a litter that he couldn’t get rid of. I offered  half price for one, “sold” he said. 

Gus, an avid bird hunter read about the breed an article in Gun Dog about the breed and ended up buying one.

All I knew about his pups was that they were white and brown and they had tails. The sire and dam were prize 1 , 112 NA dogs, grand champions. I was a rank beginner. My dog Jake was about 6 months when hunting season came along and we met up with Gus in the hunting field . I was griping about having a dunce of a dog, when Gus said "watch your dog", as he flushed a pheasant. From then every spare moment I had during hunting season was in the filed with my dog. In 1999 my wife got her hunting license and her own Small Munsterlander. We spent many enjoyable times in the field with our dogs. We soon found the dogs had excellent noses. Many times we found birds after other breeds had scoured the field. “No birds there, just a waste of time".

The old dogs were getting along in years so in 2007 I got my 3rd Small Munsterlander. As great of hunters my other two were, they were far from finished dogs. We wanted to breed her but she had a congenital disease.

At this time, I found a professional trainer who led us to NAVHDA, (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) NAVHDA- While training for the Natural Abilities Test, I watched in amazement that dogs could search and track ducks across the water. They would stop when you said whoa, heal, and stay where you put them. I learned that even the average person can train a dog. My Nara got a NA Prize 1, 108 pts, and Prize 2 on her Utilities test. Finally I had a finished dog.

My older dogs were getting much older so we decide to get dogs we could breed. 

We drove to Nebraska to get our "Fenna", and we found "Seeker" in Iowa. From the first time we saw them, we could tell what amazing dogs they were. They are both smart and willing to please! 

Fenna has recieved multiple Prize 1 and Prize 3.

Seeker got a perfect score on his NAVHDA utility test, meaning we could go to the invitational.

He passed, and Seeker became a VC (Versatile Champion). From NAVHDA I soon found out that our dogs are Versatile hunters. Fowl, fur and water.